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Laughing in the Face of Alzheimer's

Jinxed!: Laughing in the Face of Alzheimer’s, is the uplifting account of my unique experience as a caregiver to my mother, Jinx. Through the ever-present lens of humor, I share an intimate account of our journey, in the hope of easing the heart-wrenching challenges thousands of others are facing. The story details the ultimate mother-daughter bond that unexpectedly developed under the most adverse conditions and the inspiring way our family joined together to make Jinx’s final years as joyful as possible.

The book also offers:

  • Creative and Fun Approaches to Caregiving

  • Tips for Self-Care and Maintaining a Balanced Life

  • Suggestions for Navigating the Long Term Health Care System

  • Hospice Information

  • End of Life Financial Considerations

  • Caregiver Support Resources

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