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2nd Draft Done - It was Time for a Break

After giving my second draft of Jinxed! Laughing in the Face of Alzheimer's to Miss Roxy, we both agreed it was time for a break; believing it's always better to return to a manuscript with fresh, renewed eyeballs instead of continuing on with tired, obscured "beer-goggles." My trusty editor suggested I spend a few days up in a cabin, in the cool pines of Arizona. She had to really twist my arm to trade 115 degrees for 78. She also insisted on tagging along (clever girl!) so she could make sure I was indeed taking the time to pamper myself properly - especially with long walks in the woods each day.

A lot of soul-searching and self-analysis goes into writing about one's relationship with a parent. Recalling the details of my journey as mom's caregiver naturally brings beautiful but heart-wrenching memories; some I enjoy reliving through the written word and others I dread. One thing I never anticipated though...the unexpected reward of feeling even closer to her than ever. Cheers, Ma!


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