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Even though my entire schedule of book festivals and speaking engagements has been cancelled and/or postponed until 2021, there are still other ways of getting my books into the hands of people (besides Amazon) who could benefit from my story. Most of us have plenty of time to read right now! Enter, the mini-libraries!

Many public libraries are still closed or have limited hours, but the free, mini-library boxes around the state are always open. So, my loved ones and I have been placing Jinxed! Laughing in the Face of Alzheimer’s inside as many as we can find. Some book boxes are called Books 2 Go Library (Scottsdale public park locations), and some are part of the Little Free Library program. Some, like the one in downtown Flagstaff on the grounds of the Coconino County Justice Court, have no name. Not all locations can be found online because the box is on the private property of the book steward. The idea of sharing books with others in this way is really satisfying. Makes us feel a bit like Santa Claus! Merry Christmas everybody!


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