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Miss Roxy, my longtime Editor in Chief, has officially resigned. Sadly, the development of cataracts has rendered my sweet girl nearly blind.

Roxanne also has pancreatitis and possibly pancreatic cancer. The prednisone she’s been taking for months is a double-edged sword – it ramps up her appetite and energy level but also caused her vision loss. The daily attention and care I provide to my canine companion strikes an all too familiar chord, almost a déjà vu. I’ve done this before…for somebody else I loved.

Roxy’s comfort is paramount, requiring my heightened vigilance. Just as I did with Mom, I try to read her signals to anticipate her needs. I offer her water and food every couple hours to spare her wandering searches through the house. The doggie door can also be elusive, so I carry her outside to go potty – and back in when she’s done. Carefree stroller rides have replaced the mental anguish and confusion she experienced during walks on her leash.

My beloved friend is fourteen years-old. Realistically, I know our time together is nearing an end. I shall savor these unhurried days at home with her by my side. Each morning brings a cool breeze to the patio that ruffles her silver hair. She and I sit quietly, listening to the hopeful mating calls of the doves in the palo verde trees. Her stubby tail flutters nonstop while I scratch her ears. April 27th, marks six years since my mother’s passing. As it was with Mom, it’s now my privilege to care for this dear lady and make her remaining time on earth as lovely as possible.

My Girl Roxy & Mom


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