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What Better Way to Celebrate the Completion of my Book?!

What better way to celebrate the completion of my book, Jinxed!: Laughing in the Face of

Alzheimer’s, than a trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui?! That milestone just happened to

coincide with another major event – my husband Harold’s 60th birthday. Maui holds a special

place in our hearts (we renewed our marriage vows twice over there), so it was the obvious

choice for the double celebration.

Standing on the summit of Haleakala Volcano, above the clouds at approximately 10,000 feet

elevation, gave me pause to reflect on my writing experience of the past two years. Although the

crater and the view from it are spectacular, an easy two-hour drive through Maui’s stunning

upcountry is all that’s required to reach it. Harold and I enjoyed a relaxing picnic lunch in the

woods along the way. Completing my book, on the other hand, felt more like an exhausting

mountaineering expedition – minus the hypothermia. (Substitute a handful of trail mix for the

lovely picnic lunch!) The common denominator? Both were unforgettable journeys which

culminated in an exhilarating reward.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be finished! I hope everybody enjoys reading my family’s story about

our extraordinary time with my mother, Jinx. My deepest appreciation to those of you who have

already read it and given me your amazing feedback.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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