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Being Patient Voices Essay Series

I am pleased to announce that I am this week's "voice" for the "Being Patient Voices" essay series. Being Patient is a wonderful resource, and, most importantly, COMMUNITY, for both caregivers and patients impacted by Alzheimer's and dementia. The Voices series shares the stories of those in their community, and I am so honored and appreciative to have been chosen to participate.

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Intro From Article:

"During the six years I spent as caregiver to my mother, Jinx, I discovered laughter to be my greatest inner resource and most powerful survival tool for easing the daily challenges of her Alzheimer’s disease. To my complete surprise, she and I laughed more raucously together during those years than any other time in our relationship. I didn’t consciously intend to use humor as a strategy, but once I tapped into the things that still tickled mom’s funny bone, I found myself on a unique mission to find creative ways to make her laugh."


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