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Princess Jinx

As the holidays rapidly approach, I can’t help but think of a heartwarming Thanksgiving in 2011. My mother, Jinx, was succumbing to Alzheimer’s quickly, and the family wanted to enjoy her company as much as possible, while we were still able to. With that said, we decided to take her to the happiest place we could think of, Disneyland. She was pushed around in her royal carriage (wheelchair) and was referred to as, “Princess Jinx” by her loyal subjects (the park’s cast members). Her Royal Highness was enchanted by every moment, and we will never forget seeing the park through her childlike eyes.

This particular picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day at The Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney. When we asked her which pair of Micky Ears she wanted, she immediately chose the pink princess ones. This photo perfectly encapsulates her spirit on this trip and shows just how endearing she could be. Our visit to Disneyland will always be a memory we are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! - xoxo

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